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Recreate This Rustic White Door Wedding Arch

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

First off, this is one of my absolute FAVORITE archways I have seen as a wedding photographer. This rustic white door archway is so unique and it photographed so well -- it is the PERFECT statement piece for your ceremony!

For those of you who love it as much as I do, here are a few ideas on how to recreate this look (and even put a new twist on things to make it your own!)

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1) Find the Perfect Doors

So the first step is obviously to find the perfect doors to serve as your ceremony arch. As I looked online, I found some AWESOME stuff that could actually be used in your home for decor after the wedding (can't go wrong with dual purpose!).

*Here is a list of alternatives for this look:

  • White Rustic Arch Wall Decor (for this one, I would order two, and I would set it on top of some sort of column or stand to give it more height. You can then tell your florist to add flowers within some of the open spaces and/or at the base of the piece).

  • Vintage Iron Door (this is a great alternative for those who may want something other than white. This one is around 6 ft tall, and would probably require some sort of base to keep it upright if you have nothing to lean it against. But again, it is a great piece for your florist to utilize, as it has some open scroll space on the top half of the door in which you could weave flowers in and out of.)

  • Mesh Divider (this divider, similar to the previous example, also stands up on it's own, but I love this one in particular because of the mesh feature. This mesh would allow your florist to do something creative and AMAZING!)

2) Take Height & Stability into Consideration

When choosing the right doors for your wedding backdrop, It is absolutely essential for you to consider the height. Why? Because it can really affect your photos.

As you can see below, my clients got just the right height -- the arch is perfectly positioned behind them and their flowers are placed directly above them. If the doors are too short, you risk your flowers not being tall enough above your heads...then you end up covering them up when standing in front of them).

That's why it's important to think about adding a base or column to set your doors on, not only for height, but also for stability.

At the very least, if you can't find a way to make your doors the perfect height, slide them out wider so that they are both behind you and BESIDE you (and then DON'T add flowers in the middle). That way, you don't block any of your pretty ceremony decor or flowers!

3) Don't Buy Mirror Doors!

Unless you want strange, distracting reflections of either yourself or your guests, I highly recommend that you choose doors WITHOUT mirrors within them! If you shop online, you may come across amazing antique, vintage mirror doors and wall decor -- as pretty as they are, don't be tempted! Trust me -- as one who has photographed and seen many weddings, your photos are WAY more important!

Other than that, have fun with it! This is a way to put a unique flare on your wedding with the perfect ceremony statement piece.

P.S. If you're a bride who likes the idea of getting her wedding featured, wedding blogs and magazines are obsessed with this stuff! :)

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