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The Common Threads Between My Best Wedding & Engagement Photo Sessions

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Here I've picked two of my favorite sessions I've ever captured as a photographer! As you will see, they are two completely different scenes, but they both have a couple things in common that made them so successful and so stunning! For those of you who are wedding planning right now, keep these things in mind for AMAZING photos!


I really cannot stress this enough, but the reason these photos look the way they do is because we had the TIME for them! Some wedding days and engagement sessions are so rushed and the timelines end up being so jam packed, that the photographer just doesn't have the time to create anything spectacular. There is nothing more sad than paying thousands of dollars for a top notch wedding photographer and not giving them enough time to do what you paid them to do. This is often the difference between a good shoot and an amazing shoot, in my opinion.

2) Plan Strategically

This one complements #1 well, but in order to ensure your time is well spent, you've got to plan for it (i.e. it doesn't just happen)! Creating a schedule that has enough time cushion to ensure great photos is key. You will want to plan for just the right lighting, which involves figuring out what style of photos you want and then deciding on what time of day is best for your photos to be taken.

The first shoot was taken probably around 1.5 hours before the sunset, which was enough for the sun not to appear harsh and allowed for that really bright, white, ethereal look. The second shoot, on the other hand, was taken probably about 45 minutes before the sunset, which gave it a little deeper, warmer glow than the first one, but yet still ended up being beautiful and bright.

Achieving these looks will also relate to the photographer's editing style (I happen to like mine soft, clean and bright).

3) Scenery & Style are an Added Bonus

In addition to both time and planning, scenery and style are added bonuses to creating the perfect shoot. The dresses that both of these ladies wore in their sessions made it very easy for the light to illuminate and pass through them. The guys' outfits were cohesive with the girls, and everything really complemented the scenery that they were in.

Another thing these two ladies did was that they scoped out and researched their location BEFOREHAND. That lavender lupine field didn't just happen on accident! Often times photographers will be the ones to scope out their locations, but I've noticed that when my clients put in a little extra forethought, it really does pay off. Photographers aren't God, and they don't know every location known to man! If you have a vision, don't be afraid to share it with your photographer.

And remember...

What you invest in your shoot, you WILL reap...

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